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What is a Construction Management Plan? 

A Construction Management Plan (CMP) is a comprehensive and strategic document designed to assist developers in minimising construction impacts, encompassing all construction activities that influence the broader environment, both on and off-site. At EMC Group, we recognize the pivotal role a well-considered CMP plays in ensuring the smooth progression of construction activities while mitigating potential impacts.


Key Components of a CMP.

The level of detail required in a CMP will depend on the scale and nature of the development. 

However, a comprehensive CMP typically includes the following key components:

  • Project Overview, Details, Site Context, and Program: A detailed overview of the project, encompassing its scope, specific details, site context, and program milestones.

  • Site Security, Amenity, and Protection of the Public and Assets: Ensuring the security of the construction site, preserving public amenity, and safeguarding both the public and project assets.

  • Stakeholder Management: A strategic approach to stakeholder engagement and management to foster positive relationships and address concerns effectively.

  • Materials Handling Locations: Identification and management of areas designated for the handling and storage of construction materials.

  • Traffic Management: Implementation of traffic management strategies to optimize flow, minimize disruptions, and ensure safety in and around the construction site.

  • Air Quality and Dust Management Controls: Measures to control and monitor air quality, including effective dust management to mitigate potential environmental impacts.

  • Stormwater and Sediment Controls: Implementation of controls to manage stormwater runoff and prevent sedimentation, addressing environmental sustainability.

  • Noise and Vibration: Strategies to monitor, control, and minimize noise and vibration generated by construction activities, promoting a harmonious environment.

  • Waste and Material Re-use Management: A systematic approach to manage waste, emphasizing material re-use wherever possible to contribute to sustainable construction practices.

Why a CMP Matters.

  • Efficiency and Cost Management: A well-executed CMP streamlines construction processes, leading to increased efficiency and effective cost management.

  • Risk Reduction: By anticipating and addressing potential challenges, a CMP minimizes the likelihood of delays and disruptions, ensuring the project stays on track.

  • Stakeholder Alignment: A CMP aligns all stakeholders, fostering a shared understanding of project objectives, timelines, and expectations.

Tailored to Your Development.

The level of detail required in a CMP is tailored to the scale and nature of your development. At EMC Group, we recognise the unique demands of each project and ensure that our CMPs are meticulously crafted to meet the specific requirements, helping you navigate the construction process with precision and confidence.

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