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Modern Housing


In the UK, the submission of a Construction Management Plan (CMP) is quickly becoming a standard requirement for development projects in various local authorities. 


At EMC Group, our team of experienced consultants specialise in developing comprehensive construction management plans tailored to the specific needs of residential and commercial developments, including demolition and construction projects.

Construction Management Plans (CMP) developed by EMC Group identify critical site issues, assess the associated risks, and propose practical control measures to mitigate these risks. These reports are also similarly referred to as Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP) and Site Construction Management Plan (SCMP) in boroughs with the Code of Construction Practice in place. While crane plans are not included, our services can encompass the provision of a Construction Traffic Management Plan (CTMP).


EMC Group proudly maintains an exceptional success rate in submitting reports to local councils. Our comprehensive plans address all requisite elements for construction management, encompassing public safety, amenity, site security, operating hours, noise and vibration controls, air and dust management, stormwater and sediment control, waste and materials reuse, and traffic management.

Contact us today to discuss your project's specific requirements. Our experienced team is committed to delivering a completed Construction Management Plan (CMP) within 5-10 business days, dependent on the scale of your scheme.

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